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1. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose

① Personal Identification based on service, counseling, physician confirmed
② Notice delivery, secure communication channels of complaint, phone
③ the latest information, new service provides information and resources for personal services
④ Pay Payment for use of information
⑤ used to prevent fraud and bad members to prevent unauthorized use
⑥ Others provide seamless quality of service, etc.

2. Items of personal information collected

① Guest name, Mobile phone number, email address

3. periods of possession and use of personal information

① In principle, the collection of personal information provided, or achieve the objectives must immediately destroy the city.
② law on consumer protection in e-commerce, and other laws that need to be retained by the case retention period is as follows:
(A) Regarding the cancellation of a contract or written
- Retention Reason: E-Commerce Consumer Protection Law
- Age: 5 years
(B) Payments and records on supply of goods
- Retention Reason: E-Commerce Consumer Protection Law
- Age: 5 years
(C) Handling of consumer complaints or disputes about the record
- Retention Reason: E-Commerce Consumer Protection Law
- Age: 3 years
(D) Check your records on
- Retention Reason: Information and Communication Promotion and Information Protection Act
- Age: 6 months
(E) Records of visits
- Conservation reasons: Communication Secrets Act
- Age: 3 months

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