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Agreement to collection or use of essential personal information
1. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose

 (1) Personal Identification based on service, counseling, physician confirmed
 (2) Notice delivery, secure communication channels of complaint, phone
 (3) The latest information, new service provides information and resources for personal services
 (4) Payment value for use of information
 (5) Preventing fraud and bad members' unauthorized use
 (6) Others provide seamless quality of service, etc.

2. Items of personal information collected

 (1) Guest name, Mobile phone number, email address

3. Periods of possession and use of personal information

 (1) In principle, the collection of personal information provided, or achieve the objectives must immediately destroy the city.
 (2) Law on consumer protection in e-commerce, and other laws that need to be retained by the case retention period is as follows:
 (A) Regarding the cancellation of a contract or written
  - Retention Reason: E-Commerce Consumer Protection Law
- Age: 5 years
 (B) Payments and records on supply of goods
  - Retention Reason: E-Commerce Consumer Protection Law
  - Age: 5 years
 (C) Handling of consumer complaints or disputes about the record
  - Retention Reason: E-Commerce Consumer Protection Law
  - Age: 3 years
 (D) Check your records on
  - Retention Reason: Information and Communication Promotion and Information Protection Act
  - Age: 6 months
 (E) Records of visits
  - Conservation reasons: Communication Secrets Act
  - Age: 3 months

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