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Chapter 1 Principle

Article 1 (Purpose)
This article aims to stipulate the rights, obligation and liability of the corporation and user while using relevant web services from operated by Gangnam Family Hotel. (Full name of Gangnam Family Hotel, hereinafter "Gangnam Family Hotel")

Article 2 (Definition)
"Gangnam Family Hotel" is a virtual place of business for financial and labor trade, aiming to provide the users with property and labor via communication devices like computer. And it also means the operator who runs portal site.
"User" means the person who logs in "Gangnam Family Hotel" and the member who uses the services from "Gangnam Family Hotel" based on this article.
"Member" means the person who provides the personal information becomes the membership via log-in, could keep using the services from "Gangnam Family Hotel" and receiving the information from "Gangnam Family Hotel".
"ID" is the combination of words and numbers approved by the company who enjoys membership rights, aiming for member identification and service.
"Password" is the combination of words and numbers set by member himself to protect the own secrets.
"Discharge" means release the using items when the company or membership service comes into use.
Nonmember means the person who isn't the member but uses the services from "Gangnam Family Hotel".

Article 3 (Effect and revision for clause)
This article will come into effect when disclosed by services or inform members via Email or other methods.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" has rights to amend relevant articles without infringing law, electronic transactions act, electronic signature act, information communication network law subject to relevant article, as well as other laws like consumer protection law.
The modified article will come into effect via disclosing or informing set in the article one.
The items out of this article and the explanation of this article shall apply consumer protection policy of electronic transactions appointed by government and other relevant laws or commercial rules.

Article 4 (Termination)
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall have rights to terminate services during overhaul, update or malfunction of information communication devices like computer, or malfunction for communication.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall inform the users based on laws and regulations of article 7 when terminating the services.

Chapter 2 Join in

Article 5 (Join in)
Users will agree this article and become the membership after being approved by membership information regulated by "Gangnam Family Hotel".
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will approve the membership for users in item 1 without following conditions.
The applicant lost the membership previous according to article 6 and article 3.
The information provided by application proves to be fake, missing or mistake in writing.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" is proved to have obvious technical problems when the applicant is ready for member.
The applicant shall inform "Gangnam Resident" instantly via Email or other methods when changes registration information.

Article 6 Membership (Quit or loss of qualification)
Members could submit the quit application to "Gangnam Family Hotel" at any time, and "Gangnam Family Hotel" shall handle it instantly.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall have right to restrict or terminate membership qualification when the following happens.
The registration information is not real.
When the payment for fund and labor, or other debts due to use "Gangnam Family Hotel" are not being paid within the required time.
Threaten for electronic trade - Impede the use of "Gangnam Family Hotel" for other people or theft their information.
Violate this law or forbidden provisions for this article, and happen some unreasonable behavior when using "Gangnam Family Hotel".
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall have the right to terminate membership qualification if the same actions happen twice or fail to make some amendments within 30 days after being restricted or terminated by "Gangnam Family Hotel".
Member will be not be allowed to log in when "Gangnam Family Hotel" stops its membership qualification. "Gangnam Family Hotel" will inform member accordingly and give the chance to member for explaining before terminating his log-in rights.

Article 7 (Notification to member)
"Gangnam Family Hotel" may use Email address or other methods from member when give notification to members.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will put up the notice on the information board for more than one week instead of individual notice when notify most non-specific members.

Article 8 (Form of terms)
The member will agree using article if press the "agree" button in process of answering the questions "Do you agree to use using article?"
The using article will be available after the application approved by the corporation and terms of use approved.

Chapter 3 Rights and obligations

Article 9 (Individual information protection)
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will minimum search individual information required by purchasing article when collecting user's information.
The followings are required, others are selective options.
English name (Member)
Date of birth (Member)
ID (Member)
Password (Member)
Address (Member)
English address (Member)
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall obtain permission when collecting information for identification.
The purpose for collecting personal information is to custom-make product and labor, as well as build mutual trust with users who use various services, for providing better services.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall not provide the personal information of users to any third party or use for specific purposes without prior consent of users, except:
1. Provide the limited necessary information to express company for courier purpose (name, address, telephone number)
2. Provide the information veiling personal identification for the necessary need of statistics, academic research and market survey.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall notify the users of identification of administrator for personal information (name, telephone number or other contacts) and purposes of information using and searching, as well as the relevant items specified by paragraph 3 of article 16 from information communication network law like the information provided to the third party (message receiver, providing purpose and content) if need seeking approval from users based on paragraph 2 and paragraph 3. The users could drop the consent for approval at any time.
The users shall have rights to check or modify own personal information hold by "Gangnam Family Hotel". "Gangnam Family Hotel" shall meet this kind of requirement from users at once. Meanwhile, "Gangnam Family Hotel" will not use personal information before completing revision by users.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will limit the number of administrator for protection of personal information, minimizing the number of people. "Gangnam Family Hotel" will be liable to all the damages for lost, being stolen, leakage and forge of personal information of users including credit card, bank account.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" or other third party who obtains the personal information shall delete the relevant information instantly after completion of searching or obtaining personal information.

Article 10 (The obligation for "Gangnam Family Hotel")
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will not be engaged in any actions prohibited by this article and laws, or any immoral actions, whereas will continuously and steadily provide the fund and labors based on this article.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall be equipped with security system for safety use of website by users and protection of personal information (Credit card information included).
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shall be liable to damages caused by its nonstandard product or labor specified in article 3 of "Justice Act of logo and advertisement".
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will not send the advertising Email for profit purpose under the reluctance of users.

Article 11 (Obligation of member for ID and password)
The member will be responsible for management of ID and password.
The member shall not disclose the own ID and password to other third party.
Member shall notify Gangnam Family Hotel if the own ID or password is stolen, or being used by the third party. Also the member shall proceed the relevant procedures based on handbook of Gangnam Family Hotel if have.

Article 12 (Obligations of users)
The user is not allowed to conduct following actions
Log in website with fake information in process of applying or changing.
Change the information in "Gangnam Family Hotel".
Show or transmit the information out of "Gangnam Family Hotel" (Computer program or advisement).
"Gangnam Family Hotel" infringes the intellectual property of the third party like copyrights.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" damage the reputation of the third party or impede other business.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" shows the information harmful to society or public such as pornographic or violent words, pictures sounds.

Article 13 (Provision of information)
Gangnam Residence thinks it's necessary to send the member all required information via Email or written message when a member uses the relevant services. The member could refuse to receive the information via entering into a join-in menu or change-information menu if they don't intend to acknowledge this kind of information.

Chapter 4 Others

Article 14 (Indemnity for damage)
Gangnam Family Hotel will not be liable to any responsibilities for any damages of users during gratis service period provided by Gangnam Family Hotel.

Article 15 (Ownership and Permission for copyright)
All copyrights and other intellectual property for works of "Gangnam Family Hotel" shall be reserved by Gangnam Family Hotel.
All information during use of "Gangnam Family Hotel" shall not be sent to the third party or used for profit purpose via copying, transmitting, publishing, issuing, broadcasting or other similar methods without prior consent from "Gangnam Family Hotel".

Article 16 Disputes settlement
"Gangnam Family Hotel" build and operate the compensation agent for reasonable suggestions or dissatisfactions from users, compensating their loss.
"Gangnam Family Hotel" will handle the dissatisfactions or reasonable suggestions from users at once. "Gangnam Family Hotel" will notify he users of reason and handling schedule if they can't handle it in the first time.
The disputes between "Gangnam Family Hotel" and users could be submitted to coordination committee of electronic trade, or article 28 of basic electronic trade law for settlement.

Article 17 (Rights of Action and Governing Law)
The actions for electronic trade between "Gangnam Family Hotel" and users could be submitted to court for civil procedural law.
The electronic actions between "Gangnam Family Hotel" and users will be applied to Korean Law.

Additional provisions
Article 1 (Implementation date)
This provision will be implemented in Apr 4th, 2016.