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Medical Business P.K.G
Period : 2018-02-26~2018-12-31 Date 2018-06-15

gangnam severance hospital

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung medical center

Based on our excellent medical specialists and technology, Samsung Medical Center’s Health Promotion Center has maintained its position as the pioneer and leader in in-depth health checkup industry in Korea. We promise to provide high-quality healthcare service with accumulated knowhow and confidence.

Samsung medical center

Health Check-up Program (Basic Program)


₩ 820,000

Anthropometry Height, Weight, Body composition analysis, Blood pressure
Eye exam Visual acuity, Fundus photography, Tonometry
Blood test Coagulation, Blood typing, Complete blood cell count, Syphilis, Hepatitis A/B/C, Liver function, Renal function, Gout, Thyroid function, Lipid profile, Diabetes, Vitamin D, Tumor markers
Specimen Urine / Stool test

₩ 820,000

Gastroenterology Abdominal ultrasound, Gastroscopy (sedative)
Respiratory Chest X-ray
Circulatory Electrocardiogram
Man Only Pulmonary function test
Woman Only Mammography(over35yrs), Gynecologic examination (PAP)
jaseng hospial of korean medine

Spine and Joint Smart Experience Program

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine regenerates bone and nerves, finds out the cause of spinal and joint disorders and offers treatment. Jaseng provides professional non-surgical treatment while preserving the structures in your body.

In the past 28 years, over 1,200,000 patients are treated by Jaseng. The outcome of Jaseng treatment has been provided by many studies and academic researches scientifically. And there is over 12,000 overseas patients coming to Jaseng every year.

This program aims to offer patients an experience of Jaseng treatment, including consultation and examination of pulse by our Korean doctor, Chuna Manipulation, Cupping, and Manual Physical Therapy. These treatments together can restore balance of malalignment of the spine, relax muscles on the neck and lower back, as well as reduce pain.

If you are suffering from neck pain, lower back pain or shoulder pain, please come to Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine to find out the cause and experience our treatment!

Наименование программы: Программа интеллектуального анализа
позвоночника и суставов
Клиника корейской медицины Часэн восстанавливает нервную и костную ткань позвоночника, обнаруживает причину заболеваний и предлагает лечение. Клиника Часэн обеспечивает профессиональное безоперационное лечение при сохранении структур организма. За последние 28 лет более 1 200 000 пациентов получили лечение в клинике Часэн. Результат лечения был обеспечен многими клиническими и академическими исследованиями. Ежегодно Часэн посещают более 12 000 иностранных пациентов. Эта программа направлена на то, чтобы предложить пациентам возможность попробовать лечение Часэн, которая включает в себя консультацию, диагностирование по пульсу, мануальную терапию Чуна, вакуумную и физиотерапию. В комплексе данные процедуры могут восстановить общий баланс позвоночника, расслабить мышцы шеи и нижней части спины, а также уменьшить болевой синдром. Если вы страдаете от боли в шее, пояснице или боли в плече, пожалуйста, приходите в клинику корейской медицины Часэн, для того чтобы узнать причину заболевания и испытать наше лечение!.

gangnam severance hospital

Tooth recovery consulting including personalized cleaning system

Why is tooth cleaning a direct way to prevent dementia?

  1. increased chewing ability with a larger number of teeth
    increases cerebral blood flow.
    This helps to prevent dementia.

  2. Dental stone induces gum and oral disease and this condition
    damages the teeth.

We find teeth that are needed to treatment through omnidirectional inspection, and we make individual treatment plans for you.